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This is where you can listen to ALL of our podcasts or ones we recommend, we want to be able to resource and equip the church through our conversations and knowledge speaking into subjects our team and connections have become experts in.

"Church Conversations" is a podcast hosted by Bobby King, where he conducts conversations with a diverse group of individuals to discuss the current state of the church. The show features guests such as pastors, non-Christians, and people with varying levels of church experience, and aims to provide thought-provoking and enlightening perspectives on faith and spirituality.

Day and Night (Coming Soon)

In summary, "Day and Night" is a podcast where Daylon Payne compares and contrasts various topics through a gospel-centered lens with a focus on a Generation Z audience with his co-host Chandler Hall. Each episode explores different subjects such as faith, culture, relationships and current events to understand and apply biblical truth to issues that matter most to the generation.




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